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Middle Mile Optimization

The Solution
Urban Fulfillment Online Platform

UFO uses machine learning to identify when better shipping options drive online demand and an optimal customer experience, then integrates with your existing supply chain systems and store network to drive the online fulfillment network of the future

The first solution built from the ground up to power the urban fulfillment network

Online Demand

Utilizing machine learning, forecasts from your demand planning system are consumed to generate more granular, omnichannel metro-level online fulfillment forecasts

Order Profile Analysis

Order history is analyzed to determine which items are ordered together most frequently to minimize order split shipments

Product Selection

Data from across your enterprise is analyzed to determine which items are most profitable and drive customer demand and satisfaction in each metro area

Capacity Optimization

The UFO Engine mathematical optimization model allocates the selected products and inventory quantity to each fulfillment node

Customers expect fast, affordable, and convenience.

  • E-commerce platform analytics integration
  • Localized online fulfillment forecasts
  • Key product selection for faster fulfillment
  • Utilize current network for urban fulfillment
  • Drive sales through faster shipping options

Utilize your network to improve online shipping options for customers and…

Last Mile Cost

Cart Abandonment Rates

Customer Experience

Online Sales Revenue

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